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Getting started

Get familiar with mining and kasasmining mining management and monitoring services.

Creating Account

Before installing kasas-mining on your rig, need to create an account first, or log into an existing one.

Attaching Contract

Before adding worker from dashboard, you need to attach an validated contract.

Adding Worker

As soon as you're done connected, you can add worker via dashboard, and download configuration file of worker (token.conf)

On modal you write name of your worker and click on save

click to download button to download configuration file (token.conf)

Downloading ISO

Go to the download and you can choosing two iso file. Stable iso file and Experimental iso file

1. Stable version

This image contain a last stable version.

2. Experimental version

This image contain a last expimentale version. you benifit from last version

Writing ISO

HDD-Raw-Copy-Tool is recommanded software to write image file on the drives. It supports Windows, Mac, Linux. It can write unpacked ZIP archive as well.

You need to decompress zip file before to write. Then you put downloaded token.conf file on a FAT partition

After the image is flashed, copy token.conf file on partition fat 32 (arround 92mo). Now disconnect your drive and connect on your worker

Finishing setup

After having connected all the graphic cards and connected your disk to your rig, you can turn it on (WARNING: Do not perform the first boot without any card connected). And go to the dashboard

From dashboard go to the Wallets and add new wallet

1. Select crypto
2. Write name of your wallet
3. Refer source of wallet (simply description)
4. Write public address of your wallet

After added your wallet, go to Flight sheet and add new flight sheet

1. Select your wallet
2. Select a pool
3. Select an address of pool
4. Select the worker and press to save button

Now your worker are ready to mine and started the mining